Cost: $375 per student (Max 30 Students) **Includes Lunch for both days**

When: March 13-14, 2021

Location: BSR Training Facility: 785 Training Campus Road, Summit Point, WV 25446 (map it)

Host Hotel: Wingate by Wyndham, 150 Wingate Drive, Winchester, VA ($79.00/night)

Hotel Registration: Click here, and put in Block Code: 031221INT

Course Description

Lecture: Athletes, Military and Law Enforcement have been using Reality Based Training to train the body and mind for performance for decades. The fire service is catching up by utilizing a step by step methodology to achieve peak performance and understanding the “tempo” of the emergency call. The methods shared are compiled by years of research from sport psychology, military and law enforcement. This open and honest lecture provides the attendees with our model in conducting Reality Based Training from the basic recruit to the Incident Commander. We will discuss the “flow state” and how that will help firefighter dominate the fire ground.

2 Day Hands on Training: Baseball and other sports use data to drive their defense and offense. Data in the fire service is being collected but are we using that data to optimize our time? Attendees will understand the data points of “grabs” during a primary search and having the data drive how and where they search. Using the Reality Based Training Format, students will gradually progress through levels of stress while conducting a primary search. Using an oriented search technique, firefighters will learn about the importance of staying in condition yellow (cognitive processing) and Condition Red (Optimal Performance Zone) between the two-person team. During the training, instructors will provide techniques on how firefighters can control their tempo. If we control the tempo of the “game” we control the game. Forcible Entry will be touched on to prepare for the High-Level Scenarios. Complexed scenarios will be challenging and attendees will be responding in on fire apparatus.

***Objectives also included: venter Enter Search/Conventional Forcible Entry/Ground Ladder Confidence

Training Cadre