Firefighter survival training


When a Mayday is transmitted on the fireground the game becomes personal. You’ll now know the victim; you’ll know their family and your training and experiences are even more valuable. This program, Firefighter Survival & Rapid Intervention Team 2.0 utilizes statistics from “Project Mayday” to expand upon Firefighter Self-Survival and Rapid Intervention Team techniques- ensuring that we all “win” on the fireground. This class will discuss the mental aspects of dealing with these fireground emergencies and will give you the keys to succeed even when you and your team are being pushed to the limit. During this three-day course members will engage in lecture as well as hands-on training, all utilizing our “Reality-Based” Training Philosophy with breakouts that include initial RIT operations, firefighter removal as well as self-rescue. Throughout the course students will be given to opportunity to act as the RIT Group Supervisor/Team lead to hone and sharpen their leadership skills and abilities. On the third and final day, all objectives and techniques will be practiced during our High-Level and Complex Scenarios under live fire conditions. We do not have the option to lose when it’s one of our own to save.


Cost: $525.00
Max Students: 28
When: November 5-7, 2021 (2.5-Day Class; Nov. 5th: 5-9pm)
Where: Bridgeport Fire Department
131 W Main Street
Bridgeport, WV 26330
Gear Needed: Full turnout gear with SCBA and extra bottle
Instructors: Rob Blasetti
Jason Abitz
Jason Martin
Chris Morgani
Brian Bender
Rich Cantarella