Butler County Fire Chiefs Association Fire Conference

Interstate Rescue, in partnership with the Butler County Fire Chiefs Association will provide a 2.5-day lecture and hands on training. This training will include the following:

Performance Under Pressure-Lecture

Sports Psychology is being used in professional sports and the United States Olympic teams. How does Sports Psychology relate to the fire service?  Firefighters are tactical athletes which need tools to accomplish high speed problem solving under pressure. This open and honest lecture provides the attendees information on how their bodies and minds react when the fear response is activated, how to harness this response and accomplish “flow”. Using our Reality Based Training model with sports psychology, attendees will walk away with a roadmap on how to train and the ability to perform under pressure

1st Alarm Company Operations

Normal staffed, combination and volunteer departments expect their members to do multiple functions on the fire ground. This program combines “The Big Four”: stretching the first attack line, forcible entry, quick mask and primary search. These are the most important task the 1st arriving companies need to perform flawlessly. This course will help the attendee develop the skills needed to accomplish these tasks. The instructors will manipulate the environment with emotional responses to challenge the firefighter tempo. The progressive reality-based training style will instill confidence operating as a 1st and 2nd in company with the staffing levels of that department. The High-Level scenario will bring all the tasked practiced together in a fast based, realistic story line.


When: June 3-5, 2022 (2.5-Day Class)
Cost: $300.00 Butler County Fire Chiefs Association Member
$350.00 Non-Butler County Fire Chiefs Association Member
(Includes Lunch on each H.O.T Days)
Where: East Butler Fire Department, 808 Grant Ave., East Butler, PA 16029
Gear Needed: Full turnout gear with SCBA and extra bottle