Interstate Rescue is honored to partner with the Gary Sinise Foundation and Bridgeport Fire Department. Attendees will be provided 3 different classes, some under live fire conditions.

Tactical Thermal Imaging-Enhancing Fireground Strategies & Tactics
Today’s modern fire ground places stringent demands on our firefighters. We are required to formulate our strategies and tactics at 15 times the speed as in the past due to the high heat release rate fuels in structure fires. These fires develop faster and are predominantly ventilation limited fires with heavy, turbulent, black smoke that creates limited or zero visibility conditions. Tactical Thermal Imaging enhances a firefighter’s fundamental skillsets providing valuable data for decision-making. Firefighters who complete this training will learn and apply the following:

  • The power of heat, the key attributes of thermal imaging and contraindications.
  • Enhanced Size-Up Capabilities
  • Go/No-Go Decision Making
  • Enhanced Stream Placement
  • Enhanced Search Methodology

Students will be divided into small groups and escorted through numerous live fire evolutions through which these concepts will be demonstrated. After each session, a brief question and answer period shall be conducted.

1st Alarm Company Operations
Normal staffed, combination and volunteer departments expect their members to do multiple functions on the fire ground. This program combines “The Big Four”: stretching the first attack line, forcible entry, quick mask and primary search. These are the most important task the 1st arriving companies need to perform flawlessly. This course will help the attendee develop the skills needed to accomplish these tasks. The instructors will manipulate the environment with emotional responses to challenge the firefighter tempo. The progressive reality-based training style will instill confidence operating as a 1st and 2nd in company with the staffing levels of that department. The High-Level scenario will bring all the tasked practiced together in a fast based, realistic story line.

Firefighter Survival and Rapid Intervention
When a Mayday is transmitted on the fireground the game becomes personal. You’ll now know the victim; you’ll know their family and your training and experiences are even more valuable. This program, utilizes statistics from “Project Mayday” to expand upon Rapid Intervention Team techniques- ensuring that we all “win” on the fireground. This class will discuss the mental aspects of dealing with these fireground emergencies and will give you the keys to succeed even when you and your team are being pushed to the limit. During this 1-and-a-half-day course members will engage in lecture as well as hands-on training, all utilizing our “Reality-Based” Training Philosophy with breakouts that include initial RIT operations and firefighter removal. Throughout the course students will be given to opportunity to act as the RIT Group Supervisor/Team lead to hone and sharpen their leadership skills and abilities. The second half of the day, all objectives and techniques will be practiced during our High-Level and Complex Scenarios under high stress. We do not have the option to lose when it’s one of our own to save.

Thermal Imager presented by Insight Training
Summary to Follow

2.5 DAY CLASS: April 1st (PM), 2nd and 3rd


When: April 1-3, 2022
Cost: FREE—Paid for by the Gary Sinise Foundation
Hotel:* Wingate by Wyndham, Bridgeport, 350 Conference Center Way, Bridgeport, WV 26330
Where: Bridgeport Fire Department 131 W Main St., Bridgeport, WV 26330
Gear Needed: Full turnout gear with SCBA and extra bottle


*Hotel Reimbursement Process: Reimbursement forms will be handed out at the Friday night lecture. Attendees will have up to 30 days to send it to Interstate Rescue. The Lead instructor will collect the forms and receipts on Sunday after class.